SMASH — When Hulk Cosplay and Cupcakes Collide

Here's a great little story that started at the 2013 Emerald City Comicon which I had a small part in and just had to share:

If you'd rather have the condensed version:

I took this picture of a very awesome little She Hulk cosplayer at ECCC :


The awesome bakeateers over at C&C Cakery, whom were moved by the overall power of such unbridled joy (come-on, super sweet Hulk girl wearing a tutu, that's just too Incredible!) and were inspired to create The Littlest She-Hulk Green Velvet Cupcakes (follow the link for the recipe).


Can you feel the love!? I'm actually wishing I could taste it instead. I love me some cupcakes!

More delicious cupcake photos here.