Properly Created Submission rules and info.

  • The goal of @properlycreated on Instagram is to offer free exposure to prop making artists.
  • For the purposes of this page a Prop can really be anything that is not a full costume. The emphasis being individual objects.
  • Previous experience and social media presence does not matter. 

What does matter:

1. QUALITY photo only.
- Professional photos are not required BUT…
- The photo should be well lit and not have a mess in the background. You want your work to be shown off and not in competition with background distractions.
- Preferably submit a full shot of the prop, if this is possible. It is understood that some longer weapons are difficult to shoot in one shot.
- Full costume photos will not be accepted. The goal here is to emphasize props not costumes.
- One work in progress photo is also nice but not required. If you have it, both will be posted. These are especially effective on foam builds due to the stark contrast between raw foam and a finished piece.

2. It is YOUR creation.
- If your are taking credit for it, you must have had a majority hand in creating it.
- If you want to submit someone else’s work that is fine. You will receive no credit for the submission. All the information will lead back to the original artist.

3D prints:
3D printing is an art form. BUT — If you did not create the model yourself you must provide the name of the modeler. No name or link provided to that modeler, no post.

Mods/Repaints: There’s a whole skill set needed in modding and finishing so those are fine to submit. Scratch built props will most likely get post priority though.

Keeping the above in mind submit your photo and a short description of the materials used in a direct message to @properlycreated on Instagram. Any questions can be submitted there as well.

Updated 9/15/17