Frostmourne FAQ: Fog Direction

“How does the fog only appear through the eye sockets?”

Due to the cramped space inside the skulls I had to create a way to route the fog out of eye sockets. I accomplished that by creating a u-shaped ducting from EVA foam. The fog blows up then the ducts re-route it downward and out of the tops of the sockets. I made these by dremeling out a channel then covering it with another thin piece of EVA as a lid. It’s sealed with hot glue so no leaks occur.

I also had to take in consideration that the vape's tank would need to be accessible and removable in order to refill the fog juice. The vape system stays in place with a pressure fit which seals nicely against the EVA.

* All of the 3D elements for Frostmourne were created by Vertvixen.