From 3D Print to Final Cast - Sword of Seals Hilt Progression

WIP: From raw 3D print (Starting top left circling clockwise) to final cast (center). What this doesn't convey is the endless hours and sanding required to make a 3D print not look like a 3D print. 

  1. Initial 3D print by Rawrbomb
  2. Lots of filler (red) and some additional hand sculpted changes in Apoxie Sculpt (white). 
  3. Initial coat or primer, sanding, filling and repeat. 
  4. Final primer after 320 and 400 grit wetsanding. 
  5. Jewel mount (gold ring) added back. I removed it from the print to make cleaning the center section easier. 
  6. Hand-sculpted details added with Monster Clay. 
  7. One-part mold box
  8. Silicone mold made with Smooth-On Mold Max 14NV
  9. (Center) Final cast made with Smooth-On Smooth Cast 300